Hip-hop has always been the epitome of cultural breakthroughs during the years of reflexive change. Upcoming artist KreativeThaDon is setting up a soundscape that fits the current wave of hip-hop cultural trends and is hailed by the public as something to watch out for in the times to come. His musical perspectives are distributed lyrically with a thematic fundamental line while he devotes himself to performance. He already has many songs to his credit including ‘painless’ has won some of the biggest awards. The song was composed and performed in creative and production collaboration with other artists Lil Polo and Kingdrumdrummie, helping him take the plunge into experimental artistic activities.

Originally from New Haven, this Connecticut rapper is currently associated with the production company BME and uses the exhibition to fulfill his musical dreams. Throughout 18 years, he has improved considerably with other songs like “Smoke”, “Right Way”, “FannyPack”, and more. His creative force and scope will push him more to take on new challenges and establish a heritage in the industry. His honesty and frankness are two of his strengths which, combined with constant creative progress, will open the doors to greater opportunities.

KreativeThaDon’s musical approach is extremely captivating because it brings out the true essence of hip-hop in all its splendor. Writing about his life, he created a thematic getaway to reflect on his own experiences and travels. He considers the work of the hip-hop artist and rapper Montana de 300 as the most inspiring for him and the most important in his career choice. He also plans to publish a new project, thus expanding his career to the heights of fulfillment. Follow his work on Soundcloud, YouTube and Instagram platforms and be part of the cultural and creative movement called hip-hop like never before in your life.