The matter of the mistaken portrayal of Indian guide was raised by Indian agent to United Nations in Geneva with WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

New Delhi: India has emphatically raised the issue of the off base portrayal of Indian guide indicating association regions of Jammu and Kashmir just as Ladakh independently by the World Health association (WHO). The issue was raised by Indian emissary to United Nations in Geneva, Indramani Pandey, with WHO DG Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

In the letter, the top Indian ambassador communicated his “profound dismay” at the “wrong portrayal of the limits of India in the guides of different web-based interfaces of WHO”. He called for DG WHO’s “quick mediation” for “evacuation of guides” which have been mistakenly portraying the limits of India and supplanting them with “exact guides”.

This is the third time India has raised the issue with WHO in a matter of a month. Already, there were multiple times the Indian mission to the UN in Geneva had kept in touch with WHO DG, and now with the agent himself raising it.

The Indian Envoy in the letter brought up this, saying, “I cause you to notice our past messages shipped off WHO calling attention to comparable errors.”

Prior in January, WION had contacted WHO on the illegitimate portrayal of India map with the body saying separating itself and putting the obligation on UN. WHO revealed to WION that its “approach is to follow UN rules and work on seeing guides beyond what many would consider possible”.

It added, “WHO, as an UN particular office, follows the United Nations on the portrayal of regions and limits on guides on the grounds that the United Nations is endowed with tending to issues including matters of international relations for the UN framework.”