On September 16, the Special Task Force (STF) of the Haryana Police captured Mahesh Kumar.

For a situation of seeing, a regular citizen worker of the Military Engineering Services (MES) from Rewari in Haryana was captured for passing characterized data to a Pakistani Military insight unit in the wake of getting nectar caught on Facebook.

On September 16 (Wednesday), in light of a particular contribution of Lucknow based Military Intelligence (MI), the Special Task Force (STF) of the Haryana Police captured Mahesh Kumar. He was purportedly in contact with agents of the Pakistani Military insight unit since the last over two years and has gotten cash from them on various events.

In June, the Lucknow MI got an info that client of a versatile number, utilized by Kumar, likely a Military Engineering Services (MES) worker posted in Jaipur, Rajasthan is sharing delicate military data to a young lady related with Pakistani MI consequently of cash. It was found out that he tended to the Pakistani employable as “Madamji”. An activity code-named “Activity Madamji” was dispatched by the MI unit to distinguish the associate and learn the veracity with the info.

The denounced was recognized as 28-year-old Mahesh Kumar, child of Rajendra Singh inhabitant of Rewari and filled in as regular citizen cleaning staff in MES Jaipur. He had a fellowship with at any rate three known and built up Pakistani Intelligence Operative (PIO) run Facebook accounts.

It was likewise discovered that Kumar has gotten at any rate two installments of Rs 5,000 each from his Pakistani handlers by means of Kerala. The installment module was fundamentally the same as what had surfaced in the Rajasthan based secret activities case, ‘Operation Desert Chase’ wherein Vikas Kumar and Chiman Lal were captured.

In the main seven day stretch of September, Mahesh Kumar was found remaining around Rewari and without losing whenever the case was imparted to STF Haryana and a joint group of both the offices began creating it further. A quick activity to capture and investigate the suspect was anticipated September 13-14. Anyway before Lucknow MI could get wanted authorizes and spot a group close Rewari, the suspect unexpectedly moved out of Haryana.

Thusly, STF Haryana showed that the suspect is probably going to visit Rewari again on September 16. Henceforth a new fears plan was worked out for Thursday or Friday (September 18) mutually. Jaipur-based MI unit likewise joined the examination. After the appearance of the suspect at Rewari on Wednesday, the STF group discovered that he has plans to leave Haryana by evening.

Henceforth he was secured by STF Haryana on Wednesday evening from Rewari alongside his cell phone and was taken for beginning assessment and question. The denounced was exposed to joint addressing by the groups of MI Lucknow, STF Haryana and MI Jaipur.

During addressing Mahesh Kumar confessed to having interacted with known PIO run Facebook account for the sake of ‘Harleen Gill’ in July 2018, wherein he just had sent the companion solicitation to the PIO run account. They turned into a companion on Facebook and used to convey through content and sound/video talk on Facebook courier. The record was controlled by a young lady, likely in her thirties who professed to be working with Principal Controller of Defense Accounts (PCDA) office in Jalandhar. The PIO’s Facebook account (in name of ‘Harleen Gill’) along these lines got deactivated.

Afterward, he got a companion demand from the equivalent PIO in 2019 this time from a Facebook account with the name of ‘Harman Kour’. They began imparting on Facebook courier and later graduated to WhatsApp. The denounced was found to have been in contact with at any rate two WhatsApp quantities of the PIO. They used to trade text and sound messages between them over WhatsApp and furthermore used to video talk.

He acknowledged to have shared the ORBAT of a Jaipur based Army Brigade, subtleties of some senior officials in Jaipur, area of PCDA Jaipur, subtleties of MES objection records, COVID-19 condition of the Jaipur Cantt and posting request of non military personnel MES workers. He used to accumulate development related data from by hitting discussion with administration staff coming to Jaipur MES office for different purposes. He likewise acknowledged to have initiated a WhatsApp number for the PIO by sharing OTP in 2019. In any case, he guaranteed that he took it back inside several days.

The PIO solicited him to send the contact from other serving faculty in Jaipur and Bikaner, subtleties of units moving out or coming in of/to Jaipur, territory of COVID-19 in Jaipur Cantt, posting subtleties of different MES representatives. To draw him more the PIO has once guaranteed the charged that she will get him presented on Delhi.

Mahesh Kumar confessed to having passed on his Punjab National Bank account subtleties to the PIO and to have gotten Rs 5,000 twice in the ledger as a blessing from her in September 2019 and January 2020. In any case, it is suspected that he had gotten cash from the PIO on more number of events. Further examination in such manner is in progress.

Through the charged is a cleaning staff in MES Jaipur whose essential assignment is to clean workplaces there, he was found have photographs of a few letters/sees in his cell phone incorporating some with security characterization and some giving out the subtleties of all unit/sub-units in Jaipur Cantt. He additionally had photographs of COVID-19 related fliers and rundown of MES workers with their versatile numbers in his handset.

The blamed was found to have erased every one of his talks with PIOs. Almost certainly, during the two and half year of correspondence with the PIO the blamed has passed more than what he is admitting. His cell phone has been sent for scientific extraction and it is found out that STF has discovered numerous archives in it that he shouldn’t keep. Aside from that, hints of his correspondence and section of data to the PIO were additionally figured out how to have been found.

The charged was delivered before the Duty Magistrate on September 16 night. He has been reserved under infringement of Official Secret Act and a FIR in such manner has been held up at PS Dharuhera. He was relied upon to be created under the watchful eye of a court in Rewari by evening subsequent to going through a COVID-19 test. The Haryana STF may request police remand for hardly any more days for additional examination concerning the case and to finish the conventions.

While a few guidelines and approaches are being defined and gone at normal stretch by guard experts for making all positions get mindful about the subtleties of the Pakistani surveillance organization, it appears to be many are as yet moving diverted and as yet getting nectar caught via web-based media by Pakistani offices.