The photo of the kid hanging while different kids looked on has circulated around the web via web-based media, the episode occurred in the Sadbhavna Shikshan Sansthan Junior High School.

Mirzapur: In a stunning occurrence, the head of a tuition based school hung a kid topsy turvy from the primary floor of the school working as a discipline of sorts. The photo of the kid hanging down and scores of youngsters looking on, has turned into a web sensation via web-based media.

Locale Magistrate Praveen Kumar Laxkar, taking comprehension of the matter, has requested the essential instruction official to examine the matter. He likewise requested a protest to be documented against the head.

As indicated by reports, the occurrence occurred in the Sadbhavna Shikshan Sansthan Junior High School in Ahraura, on Thursday.

The school head, Manoj Vishwakarma, evidently, blew up with Sonu Yadav, a Class 2 understudy, for being ‘insidious while eating’.

Angrily, he got the kid by one of his legs and balanced him from the principal floor gallery of the school working to show him something new before different understudies.

Vishwakarma pulled up the kid solely after he shouted and asked for absolution. The occurrence was caught on camera and transferred via web-based media.

Sonu’s dad Ranjit Yadav said, “My child had simply gone to eat gol gappa with different children and they were being somewhat mischievous. For this, the primary allotted such a discipline which might have imperiled my child’s life.”