TBulk is a new legal steroid alternative for trenbolone. Brutal Force, its manufacturer has marketed it as an effective supplement for mimicking the effects of trenbolone (but without any side effects). 

Trenbolone is used by many bodybuilders to help build muscle and shred fat stores. 

It is regarded as one of the most powerful AAS in the world. 

But, how does TBulk really compare vs trenbolone; and is it likely to be effective? Read this review to find out. 

Legal steroids have been popular among the fitness community for the best part of the last decade. Many would like to take steroids, but the dangerous effects associated with taking AAS prevents some people from doing so. 

This has created a huge market for manufacturers who can produce powerful hardcore supplements, that are legal (and much safer). 

This is also why SARMs were created, to try and be a copycat steroidal compound — which wouldn’t cause a downturn in users’ health. However, already we are seeing incidents of SARMs causing liver problems and raising blood pressure. 

Is TBulk and Brutal Forces Supplements Really Safe?

It’s easy to market a supplement as safe, but it’s another thing for it actually to be just that. 

Many supplement companies get sued on a regular basis for false claims, so could this be another potential example?

No, by looking at the ingredients on Brutal Force’s website for Tbulk and other products; they are only using FDA approved ingredients. Thus, nothing can get them into legal complications and all ingredients have been thoroughly researched, with various trials conducted, proving their safety. 

Thus, there is a very low risk (as with any standard supplement) of side effects occurring. 

Also because they are using regulated ingredients, a doctor’s prescription also isn’t necessary; enabling users to buy TBulk online. 

Trenbolone vs TBulk 

A trenbolone cycle can produce amazing results, with 20+lbs of muscle and 5-10lbs of fat loss. 

This makes it a very unique steroid, as it essentially is one of the best bulking and cutting steroids in one. 

However, trenbolone comes with plenty of side effects that certainly aren’t mild in nature. 

Trenbolone will cause a sharp rise in blood pressure, having a powerful effect on LDL and HDL cholesterol. Trenbolone also may cause prostate issues, hair loss and acne; due to it causing significantly higher DHT levels (a powerful androgen hormone). 

Trenbolone will also cause natural testosterone to shut down, leaving users deficient in this hormone for several months. Bodybuilders try to speed up this process by implementing a PCT, however can only shorten this process (instead of being a solution). 

Trenbolone must be considered one of the most dangerous steroids today. 

TBulk however causes no side effects, it doesn’t need to be injected and doesn’t require a PCT. It is perfectly safe, which is why some bodybuilders are favouring this legal steroid — instead of real trenbolone. 

TBulk’s safety profile is not in question — however its effectiveness is questioned by many users. 

However, TBulk’s ingredients have been proven effective from various research trials — with beta sitosterol, cats claw and DIM and pepsin having positive effects on testosterone. 

The higher your natural testosterone levels are, the more muscle-building potential you will have. DIM particularly works in a similar way to trenbolone (as an estrogen antagonist); causing this female hormone to stay low and thus freeing up more testosterone. When estrogen levels are low this also keeps water retention at bay, increasing the chances of more prominent vascularity and defined muscles. 

Trenbolone certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted — and is not to be used by novices. Whereas, bodybuilders of all experiences can try TBulk (and other Brutal Force products). 

TBulk can also be used by women to build muscle and burn fat, whereas trenbolone is not suitable or recommended; due to it causing a more masculine appearance in females. 

Is TBulk Right For You?

If you want to maximize testosterone helping you to build some muscle and burn fat — TBulk is designed specifically to help you. 

If you are worried about the side effects of trenbolone, but you want to take your body to the next level — TBulk was formulated for your needs. 

If you want to pack on as much raw size and mass as possible, there’s no way of saying which Brutal Force product is best. Some may respond better to DBulk, and others TBulk. 

However, there’s no competition when it comes to building muscle and burning fat simultaneous; which TBulk wins hands down. 

If you would like to purchase TBulk — order here from the official Brutal Force website below. 
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