Product photos are vital for an eCommerce seller and buyer. While online shopping, you only see product photos on your screen. So, you must rely on research to make the right purchase decision. Suppose you have an online e-commerce store that offers beautiful, high-quality merchandise. It looks great, feels great, and functions well. 

But how to make it look as awesome as it looks in real life? In this era of social media filters, where what you see is not what you always get, a good camera can help you make that distinction.

Product photos are the first thing your customers will see when shopping online. Thus, it influences their buying decision significantly. A good camera and the right eCommerce photo editing services will give you an eye-catching product photo worthy of grabbing your customer’s attention.

Top 4 Cameras That Are Best for e-Commerce Photography

The right camera, lighting, accessories, and photo editing services will ensure that you get outstanding photos that will help you sell your product. Here are our top five best cameras that you can use for taking e-commerce photos.

Nikon D850:

The Nikon D850 is a little pricey, but it is worth spending on it. This DSLR comes with a 45MP sensor that provides unmatched resolution quality, allowing you to enlarge product photos easily.

This model has the lowest ISO noise for a DSLR camera, resulting in outstanding photo quality. The low ISO noise ensures that the shadows and highlights in your product are well captured.

Featuring an Expeed 5 processor, the camera has a backlit sensor and microlens for high-quality photos. The D850 is great for capturing pictures in low light conditions and tricky scenarios thanks to its powerful processor and high-resolution sensor.

Sony a6400:

The Sony a6400 is made for you if you have a tight budget. It is affordable and comes with a 24.2MP high-quality sensor that is adequate for eCommerce photography. The specifications are also mindblowing and capture images well in low-light scenarios.

The Sony a6400 mirrorless camera functions at 11fps burst speeds and a quick autofocus feature to take incredible images of your products. The copper wiring APS-C image sensor enables the efficient light collection, giving you great low-noise pictures even at high ISO settings.

This camera is an upgraded version of the old point-and-shoot cameras. It also comes with some distinct features of DSLR cameras. The Sony a6400 combines consumer and professional camera features efficiently and delivers excellent image quality and speed. It is simple to use and perfect for eCommerce photography, even if beginners carry it out.

Fujifilm X-S10:

While camera specifications are crucial for eCommerce photography, comfort is also essential, especially for long product shoots. Suppose your eCommerce inventory is endless, with several beautiful products to take images of. In that case, it must consider your body’s comfort and the camera’s specifications for smooth photo sessions.

The Fujifilm X-S10 is a big hit among entrepreneurs who are beginners in the photography department. The regular mode dial helps the newbies choose the right image setting for different products. Whatever you miss capturing during the shoot can be managed with premium photo editing services.

You can experiment with different looks. The highlight of this camera is the X mount lends that helps you capture some of the best and sharpest images with a camera model in this price range.

Sony RX100 VA:

It is a compact point-and-shoot camera that is tailor-made for product photography. It comes with everything that an entrepreneur can want in an eCommerce camera. It works great in all lighting conditions, and its compact size makes it easy to carry it everywhere.

A 200mm focal point with a 1in/20 Megapixel sensor, the Sony RX100 VA has a native viewfinder and tilting screen to make photography easy for beginners. You will also get decent WiFi and NGC wireless control to transfer the photos quickly to a hard drive.

Perfect for daily photography and commercial product shoots, the RX100 VA quick autofocus works beautifully in both video and photo mode. You will seldom experience lag while taking photos with this camera.

Wrapping Up:

Whether photographing your products at home or studio, you need an excellent camera to take the best shots. Any of these four cameras are great for eCommerce photography, regardless of the budget, you are working with.