Israel Territories are frequently considered pilgrimage destinations solely despite being host to several of the most well-known religious tourist destinations in the globe. Indeed, the area’s religious landmarks are always the primary reason visitors come but dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover a lot more. 

Check out our selection of the best tourist destinations in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, which you shouldn’t forget to help organize your visit.

The Spots You Must Not Skip


With the golden helmet of the Dome of the Rock shining above the caramel-colored rock of the old city, Jerusalem is one of the most identifiable skylines in the entire world. This ancient town retains profound religious significance for all members of the monotheist religions, and the labyrinthine alleyways in the old district are crammed with spiritual areas and mind-boggling heritage.


Nazareth is considered one of the most popular pilgrimage locations in the country since it is inextricably related to the biblical account of Jesus, and the holy places there are among the most significant in the entire world for Christians. The Annunciation and Jesus Christ’s upbringing occurred there, and the city’s heart is dedicated to substantial churches that commemorate this legacy.


Jaffa, a charming image of honey-colored rocks, is a laid-back coastal town with a distinguished history as a significant harbor. Built for wandering and walking and housed in a top-notch flea market, Jaffa offers an ancient escape from the contemporary clamor of Tel Aviv close by.


Legacy is all about Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is known for its contemporary café and eating scene. The Baha’i Gardens, which cascade in a succession of new green terraces down the slope towards the coast in this picturesque northern city, are its principal attraction. Every tourist should experience them, but Haifa’s main draw for many tourists is that it makes an excellent base for seeing the north.

Death Sea

The Dead Sea, the deepest place on the planet and one of nature’s most bizarre marvels, is a mineral-rich, excessively salty sea that nobody can sink. This strange body of water, which is encircled by the Great Rift Valley’s cliffs, has been awe-inspiring visitors for generations.

Timna Park

Among the most stunning areas of the Negev is Timna Park, located close to the Red Sea resort of Eilat and features raw and harsh desert nature at its finest. Visitors are mesmerized by the visceral beauty of the scenery, which features towering cliffs, bizarrely formed stones, and vast stretches of multicolored sand.


Bethlehem, a significant destination for Christian pilgrims, is the location of the Church of the Nativity, which was constructed over the alleged birthplace of Jesus Christ. It is the top attraction in the West Bank because of the grand church compound with its vast historical importance and the bustling market atmosphere of the bazaar.

The Galilee Sea

The Sea of Galilee beachfront is jam-packed with activities and provides stunning scenery and a wealth of historical significance. Its lovely area is a must-see on any vacation, whether you’re visiting the churches in Tabgha, where Jesus preached extensively and gave the Sermon on the Mount, or you want to relax in the hot springs in Tiberias and go trekking.

Visit Israel in The Comfort of Your Home

It is exciting to discover and visit Israel and its nearby Palestinian Territories. However, there are ways you can find such places and rich history by playing a game in your home along with everyone else in the family. Such activities will let you learn about the country and its history.