Getting outside and being active is one of the best ways to enjoy nature while feeling exhilarated from physical activity. But, of course, there’s something new on every trail, so it’s hard to pick a favorite!

If you’re in British Columbia and want to make the most out of your trip- these are the top trails and how to hike them!  

What to Pack

Hiking any of these trails can range from an hour or two to multiple days of camping.  If you’re planning for a simple day, there are some essentials you’ll need.  Water, protein-rich snacks, and an extra phone charger are all good ideas.  Sunscreen and bug spray are also musts since it’s still very common to get sunburns from hiking in cooler areas.

If you’re hiking with the family, you’ll need to pack more of each of these items to ensure everyone is covered!

The Most Comfortable Walks

There are tons of trails you can take in British Columbia that are fun and comfortable walks for anyone who wants to take them: but there are some winners when it comes to easy trails that can keep you comfortable.  

The most popular comfortable trail for beginners who don’t want to be too intense is Berg Lake Trail!  This trail circles lakes and icebergs while also offering comfortable level walking.  If you’re hiking with kids, this is an awesome one to start on so you can figure out their comfort levels!

Top Rated Walk

The most popular walking trail in British Columbia is St. Mark’s Summit.  This is a very popular, shorter walk that only reaches 6.5 miles.  Hikers and bikers who take this trail enjoy its moderate difficulty and are best used as late as November.  This is a hot trail for everyone from bird watchers to extreme sports fans, so don’t be shy if you want to visit!  Every inch of this trail is gorgeous; you won’t regret visiting.

Fantastic Views

The best views are hands-down in Glacier Crest Trail! So if you need a break from looking at Vancouver homes for sale and want to enjoy some amazing scenery, then taking a detour to this walking and biking trail will be what you’re craving.  

Not only are the glacial views incredible, but the bright blue rivers lakes that take their water from the glaciers are also so beautiful year-round that there were rumors that the water was dyed.  

Seasonal Splendor

The best time of the year for hiking is in the fall.  Without the chill of winter and spring or the intense heat and crowds of summer: the fall has so much to offer and yet gets looked over by most people.

If you want the best view possible of this gorgeous season, it’s time to go on the Rockwall Trail!  This 33.7-mile trail is only lightly trafficked and has many stops along the way that allow you to take much shorter paths.  Beyond its peak season, when the snow starts to dapple the peaks, it’s a gorgeous path to take.