The New Year season is just around the corner, with corporate offices gifting their esteemed clients and customers during the occasion. Gifting is an outstanding gesture that helps create a strong bond in the customer relationship and also acts as a way of promoting efficient marketing and management. Various gifts are available in the market that can be offered as presents to the clientele, along with increasing the brand reputation of the company in the business market.


Let us look into the 7 affordable gifts that corporate sectors can send to their esteemed clientele and customers to create brand recognition in the market portrayed below.

7 affordable gifts for corporate sectors to send to their customers

There are various gifts for corporate offices to send to their esteemed clients, and seven of the most popular and affordable ones are projected below for the readers to look at.


Calendars are a great, affordable gift to present to clients and increase the brand’s reputation along the way. Individuals need calendars on their work tables or desks to find important dates and numbers for their work-related issues. Thus, gifting a calendar can be a great option, which is pretty reasonable and an important item for utilization. Customizing calendars with company labels and logos can also enhance the look of the item and help in a marketing strategy to improve the company’s reputation.


A diary can be a great gift material for corporate sectors to send to their clients and also a reasonable one to purchase from the market. Individuals need books and papers to jot down their daily accounting estimates and calculations and then can order for diary printing. Gifting a diary can help with such issues and be used for personal and professional purposes. Many corporate offices prefer to customize the diary gifts with their own logos and tag lines to improve the company’s brand name in the future. A diary also contains a set of formulas and daily calculations for easily solving harder problems on the go.


Corporate offices looking to send important gifts at affordable prices to their esteemed clients can check out the varied mug collections available in the market. A mug is an important part of the household when drinking beverages or drinks, so it is a must to keep it in the house. Gifting a mug can be a brilliant idea, with customizations and designs for serving it as a totem of generosity for the clients. Many local retailers along the gift market sell quality mugs and dining sets at cheaper prices than the branded ones available around.


Pens are again a great gifting material and can project a company’s reputation and brand name with such gifts being deployed to clients and customers. Various pen brands are available in the market, along with local ones that can provide quality writing for customers. Customizing a pen with company names, logos, tag lines, and carvings can help enhance the outlook of the pen and serve as a great marketing strategy for the company as well. Pens are still the most used objects to date, and gifting one can surely make anyone feel honored and proud of the gifting gesture.

Wall Clocks

Company owners longing to send their long-term clients and customers proper and affordable gifts can look for distinct wall clock designs at the markets and shops around. Many reasonable varieties with eye-catching designs can be checked around the wall clock market, along with customization options for making them look opulent with custom logos and quotes over them. Company owners can also opt to purchase a higher quantity of wall clocks to get them at much lower prices for their gifting purposes.

Chocolate Hamper

Sending a chocolate hamper to company clients or employees can be a great gesture to let them know how much they are cared for. A chocolate hamper may contain distinct types of chocolates, from smaller to bar ones with candies and toffees, in a single hamper. Customizing the hampers with company names, logos, wishes, and even opulent designs can make them a worthy gift to be awarded to loving clients and customers.

Gift Vouchers

Another important gift item to send to customers on the occasion of the New Year is gift cards and vouchers for different brands that they like. Gift cards come in different variants that offer huge discounts and rebates on items, a free gift on purchases, and cashback for every purchase made for the brand and products allotted. Customers can mainly benefit from these gift vouchers and also feel honored for getting one for their personal purposes.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these are the 7 most affordable gift items for corporate sectors to send to their esteemed clientele and customers. It is also essential to look at the customer’s interests and choices before sending a gift to them. Some customers may prefer wall clocks over mugs, and such conditions should be checked to make gifting a great gesture for the company owners and customers around.