An important aspect of modern business is a holistic vision of the sales system, maximum consideration of the various components of the functioning of the sales system. Such an important task can be easily and productively completed using RepMove – an application for planning trade routes, optimizing the sales system and improving the logistics of trade movements.

The unshakable benefits of RepMove are the all-encompassing of accounting for trade and movement factors and complexity. With this application, you can outpace your competitors and always be on top of trading by creating unique trading routes and seeing the totality of your trading resources.

You are functioning successfully

RepMove helps because it does most of the organizational work for you, related to sales planning, route planning. Using the route scheduling app, you view the length of the route, possible problems during the journey, traffic jams, closed streets and driveways. The most great thing is that you use the whole system of paths of the sales representative and is able analyze his maximum productivity and resultativity. With the application, the sales process becomes as thoughtful and easy to adjust as possible, and you become a successful professional who is always on top of modern trends.

All trading in one application

Also, the RepMove application makes it possible to operate documents from various databases, lay down and create invoices for replenishing stocks, and planning the consumption of goods. It is important that all work in the application is done in an interactive format, when you see the latest information, and each sales representative makes changes to the data in real time.

Another advantage of the application is a calendar that easily integrates with the device and makes it possible to determine the time frame for the movement and work of sales representatives. All this information is presented on the website , where in a few minutes you will download it and will already be improving your trading system.