A surprisingly sportier version for the line-up

A general concept used to be that SUVs cannot provide sporty moves. But the present advancements in the car-making sector have proven this wrong. The Range Rover Sport is a present example as proof. The SUV was introduced in 2005 and from then on it has not stopped. The sporty nature of the vehicle is not only depicted in its engines but the looks themselves give the onlooker a hint. At its base, the chassis is similar to that of the Discovery. However, the rest of the idea is all along different. This gives the Sport its own identity. The front is shorter than the rest of the Range Rovers and the back is slopped as a sports car would have. The inside is similar to others as there is the same luxury present and high-quality materials as other products of this brand would have.

The engine lineup kept on changing ad more and more improvements have been induced in the car to make it perfect for the present buyer. There is a strong power unit history for this Range Rover as expected from a Sport version. The engines are livelier and fit for the keen driver. These engines rarely break down but if they do, it is advised to buy a reconditioned Range Rover Sport engine rather than paying high prices for a new one. One thing common from the start till now is the air suspension.

To make the interior comfortable and allow height adjustments air suspension is the best choice. The carmaker is aware of this from the start and used it wisely in the sports version. Being a sports car does not mean that it loses affirmation for families. Families can use the car confidently but the ride is going to be more fun for the riders and the drive is going to be more fun for the driver.

The handling differs accordingly. It is usually a bit firmer than the basic models but not uncomfortable. Fun-loving families and bachelors can equally enjoy the SUV for their adventurous vacation.

The engine line-up for different generations

There have been different engines in the life of this SUV and all of these were appropriate for on-road as well as off-road drive. In chronological order, the engines of different periods are listed below.


For these five years, there were some very interesting engine additions throughout. These were aimed at providing better power to the vehicle.

The two engines on offer at the time of its first appearance were V8 petrol engines. One was a 4.4-liter engine and the other one was a 4.2-liter petrol engine. Their output was 300hp and 390hp. In 2007 two diesel engines were added. The 4.2-liter petrol engine was supercharged and more powerful.

There was also one diesel engine introduced in 2007 of 2.7-liter with 190 hp power. Another engine that found its way to the list was a 3.6-liter TDV8 twin turbo engine.

There was a six-speed automatic ZF transmission installed with all these engines.


In these years the vehicle got an engine upgrade and in 2010 the 5.0-liter V8 engine was introduced. This engine was petrol and it was offered in its basic and supercharged forms. The naturally aspirated model outputs 375 hp and the supercharged form produces 510 hp. Another engine that was upgraded from the previous 2.7-liter engine was a 3.0-liter diesel engine. This engine produced 241 hp. These engines were more efficient. They were light on pocket and the environment as well. the increased power and capacity certainly played their role in improving the behavior of the off-roader.

The 2012 facelift did not do much in the engine section or even other aspects.


This upgrade gave the vehicle some major changes. The exterior got some changes giving more smooth corners and a blended shape but the basic idea remained the same. The length of the vehicle also increased in this upgrade. The 5.0-liter supercharged engine was upgraded and it now produces 550 hp. The engine became quicker than the previous one. The trim in which this engine is fitted is SVR. The vehicle is capable of covering 0- 60mph distance in 4.5 seconds which is more than enough for such a heavy vehicle. This engine is considered among the quickest engines in this category. In 2018 this same engine continues but with more power production. The engine is now capable of producing 575 hp and in 4 seconds it can cover the same distance as stated above.

Other engines along with the above-mentioned engine of this time included a 335 hp engine, a 395 hp engine, and a V8 with 518 hp. All these engines have their respective qualities and many satisfy buyers with speed, responsiveness, and clean speed changes. But for the keen drivers who are always looking at the quickest, the SVR version is always going to fit.

Even at this time all the engines stated above are offered with different years and trim levels. None of these are considered outdated due to their refined nature and strong performance. A 3.0-liter turbo engine and 4.2-liter petrol engines, diesel engines of three variations of the same 3.0-liter engine, and two electric engines of the same 3.0-liter are offered.

This rich engine line-up certainly has one for you

These engines are not only meant for speed. The main objective of these SUVs is to provide the buyer with the best off-road experience. Also, the car is meant to travel in difficult conditions, especially on slippery roads. With such a wide range of engines, one will certainly fit your requirement. Do check the reputation and rating of the dealer so that you are getting the right product and right service every time. those who are selling faulty pieces and putting them on the brand are black sheep in the market. This is a marvelous creation of Range Rover and there are going to be no faults in the fresh pieces. The engines are flawless with economy ranges that differ from one another. Also, it depends on where you are going to drive the vehicle more, choose the trim that is made for the work or there are going to be problems afterward. Do remember that machinery is going to wear off some time. So be careful when you pick up your car and also about where you are getting it. Range Rover Sport is a magnificent car have it if you can afford it.