It’s almost that time of the year again, and people are once again having a dilemma on what they should give to the people they love. If you or anyone you know is a big geek when it comes to the zodiac signs, chances are, they would want to receive something that celebrates their fascination with astrology. If you’re still undecided as to what you can give for your zodiac lover friends, here are some things that might help you during your gift hunting.

Zodiac-themed scented candles

When it comes to giving gifts that are fit for all occasions, you can never go wrong with scented candles. And if the person you are giving it to is a big geek when it comes to zodiac signs, you can spice your gift up a little by getting them a customized scented candle with designs that are personalized depending on the zodiac sign of the receiver! Nothing beats a good, calming scent as you read your horoscope for the day, so it’s definitely a safe choice for a gift.

Keychains, but make it zodiac

If you’re going for a cheap but still sentimental token to give to a friend or loved one, a keychain that shows their sign will be a nice gift to give. A good thing about keychains is you can bring them everywhere and attach them to almost anything–your keys to your car and home, your bag, or even your phone. It’s something that you can bring with you no matter where you go, and the value does not diminish despite the size it holds.

Star sign necklace

Another gift that will surely be a pleasant surprise for your friend is a necklace that carries their star sign as a pendant. It’s simple and classy, but above all, allows them to show the world what their zodiac sign is. You can have the pendant plated with gold so that it will add value to the piece, but any kind of material can work as long as it will not be causing an allergic reaction to the one who will be wearing it.

Zodiac shirt

Another timeless gift suggestion for your zodiac loving friends is a shirt that states their zodiac sign. It’s another personalized piece that they can use anytime and anywhere, and you can pick a design that suits your receiver’s taste. It can be a statement shirt that says their sign, or it can be a graphic designed one that is creatively made.

These are few of the many things you can give to a loved one who shares a liking with astrology and zodiac signs, and any of these things will surely make an amazing present to give. As cliche as it may sound though, the value of these gifts barely matter, as the intention is what matters most. It’s enough that you are able to remember how avid of a supporter of the zodiac signs they are, so as long as the effort is noticeable, you can give any gift that you want!