Silicon utensils are recently popular and resistant to high temperatures. Silicon utensils with durable and practical kitchen items are quite varied. Silicon utensils are easy to clean. The smell and stainless are easy to use when cooking and not react with other food ingredients. The FDA is made of food-grade silicon as a structure, so it is resistant against any breakage, impact, fall effects. If you think about buying an environmentally friendly gift, which is the summer of weddings. As a wedding gift, you can buy silicon kitchen utensils. A unique and easy-to-use silicon kitchen item will be appreciated as well as liked by the person you received a gift from. Silicon utensils are used and preferred from housewives to professional kitchen workers.

We are experiencing a time when a range of silicon utensils, custom silicon molds, has been a great part of our lives. In fact, in the summer, the ice cubes that reach your imam against the weather temperatures are growing and new ones are added to the market. Unlike the one we’ve already provided customized ice cubes, they’re not only used for freezing water. So now, to cool any drink, the ice cubes themselves are made ice cubes. The coffee you made, the lemonade, the juice, etc. it can wait for very handy silicone or regular ice cubes without adhesion and breakage to pour into and freeze, and then you can enjoy adding a little more drink to the frozen beverage cubes you want to consume. You can make your cold coffee with the coffee cubes you make yourself. In addition, if you want to use the water from the vegetables, meat and chicken dishes to taste other dishes later, you can also use the silicone ice cubes.

Sıcak Yeni Varış BPA Ücretsiz Silikon Bireysel Alfabe Buz Küpü Üreticisi

Individual alphabet silicone ice cubes with no BPA silicone are available in green, pink or customized color options. With letter ice cubes, you can color your drinks and make visually amazing presentations. Its high quality construction is easy to use and clean, so you can keep your drinks cool for hours in your cup, without changing the taste. You can also freeze your cookie dough with letters, not just for your drinks, and make it ready to cook at different times.

Toptan Moda Tasarımı Gıda Sınıfı Silikon Popsicle Kalıp

If you want to make single-material ice cream, you can use molds with a fashional-design food-grade silicone popsicle. Ice cream is indispensable to cool down in the summer. BPA-free silicone ice cubes with blue, pink, green or customized colors can be prepared for you and your loved ones with healthy, low-additive ice cream. With reusable silicone ice cream, you can also end the waste.

Silicone is commonly used worldwide in areas that directly affect human health, such as medical products, pacifiers, plastic surgery. It is tasteless and odorless, so it is neither fragrance nor taste, and silicon is easily purged by its nature. Custom silicone products are introduced every year in the competitive industry by improving themselves and increasing product diversity. The weakness of silicone wear and tear has been a preferable choice in the food class, with its ability to withstand effects such as stretching, presenting and so on.

It is popular with its protection against high temperatures or temperatures below zero degrees. With this popularity in mind, Newtoprubber is a safe choice in the industry with its experience and a range of quality products and products such as mother baby products, teething carriers, feeding sets, rings, household items. From production process control to the development of the latest technology, staff skills training and factory certification, it has set a high standard. Newtop rubber offers high quality products and customized services to buyers.