A minor was seized and the abductors have requested Rs 17 crore in Bitcoin.

In a strange episode, a minor was seized in a vehicle from Karnataka’s Ujire and the abductors have requested not cash but rather Rs 17 crore in Bitcoin. The episode occurred on December 17 when two unidentified people grabbed a 8-year-old youngster from Beltangadi Taluk of Ujire zone of ​​Mangaluru.

As per SP Lakshmi Prasad, the tragic episode occurred late on Thursday when the kid was getting back from the jungle gym at night with his granddad. The youngster’s dad is a taluka financial specialist. The ruffian got away by taking the kid in a white Indica vehicle.

Afterward, the ruffians requested from the family Bitcoin as payoff by reaching the youngster’s home through WhatsApp. The youngster’s granddad has recorded a case regarding the snatching at the nearby police headquarters. Police have begun researching the episode. Till now no captures have been put forth in this defense.

“At the point when the 8-year-old kid was playing outside with the granddad, a vehicle came and abducted him. We enrolled a FIR and assembled data about the family foundation. We presume the association of some known people,” said the SP.

We have additionally asked the family whom they think. The abductors are not asking cash however requesting Bitcoin. We need to ask the family for what good reason the abductors are asking cash in Bitcoin. We don’t have any data about the area of the kid,” added the SP.

“Those abductors are informing the family on WhatsApp. We are likewise examining why the abductors requested cash in Bitcoin. Our groups have gone at various areas. Our staff has come from Bantwal as well. Our Bantwal DySP Valentine D’Souza is driving the examination who have visited different spots. We can’t uncover which bearing the abductors have gone,” further added the SP.