More than 200 cops are associated with having association with Dubey.

History-sheeter Vikas Dubey, principle denounced in the Kanpur experience case, has been stealing away for 110 hours and in excess of 100 groups of the Uttar Pradesh police are occupied with the inquiry activity. More than 200 police officers are associated with having association with Dubey. Eight police work force were killed during an attack which was conveyed in the extremely early times of July 3 to capture Dubey and his group individuals in Kanpur.

The Special Task Force (STF) is addressing Jai Vajpayee, a nearby guide of Dubey. It is being informed that Vajpayee has close relations with many cops. A hunt was directed in the town of Dubey where the police recouped three indigenous bombs during the inquiry. So far four charged have been captured in the Kanpur police murder case yet the UP Police has not had the option to catch Dubey yet.

The UP Police has set up banners of Dubey on the National Highway. IG Laxmi Singh of Lucknow has begun researching the case. Then again, the casualty’s family has communicated trust in the administration’s examination.

The police have captured two ladies for being an associate to criminal Vikas Dubey during police assault at his home in Bikru town of Kanpur on July 3. In a related turn of events, the state government drove by Yogi Adityanath requested an authoritative enquiry into the experience case.

As indicated by reports, Dubey’s little girl in-law Chama, house keeper Rekha Agnihotri and a neighbor have been captured for helping the criminal and his men by giving them backing and data about police faculty’s situation during the experience. Truth be told, Chama is blamed for not opening the entryway of her home in spite of request by police work force, who was searching for a refuge to spare himself from projectiles released by Dubey’s men during the gunfight.

Then again, house cleaner Rekha and neighbor Suresh Varma were seen illuminating Dubey’s men regarding police officers’ area. As indicated by police, they were seen shouting, “Murder all cops, nobody ought to stay alive.”

It is to be noticed that house keeper Rekha Agnihotri is hitched to Dayashankar Agnihotri, the fundamental helper of Dubey. Dayashankar was captured from Kalyanpur territory by the police hours after the Kanpur experience. During cross examination, he uncovered to the police that Dubey had gotten a call from the Chaubepur police headquarters, illuminating him that a group of police would dispatch an assault at his Bikru house past 12 PM. He likewise uncovered that Dubey had got the electrical cable of his region cut before the police group showed up at the area.

Eight police staff including DSP Devendra Mishra were gunned down in Bikru town close Kanpur by the associates of Dubey. Seven others, including a regular citizen, were harmed in the assault from a housetop on a police group after it entered the town to capture the hoodlum, a history-sheeter who has looked around 60 criminal cases.