The Salemi town in Sicily is offering run down properties for not exactly the expense of an espresso.

New Delhi: You will be shocked to realize that relinquished houses in an unassuming community on the south-west side of Sicily are being sold at a less expensive cost not exactly some espresso.

As per a CNN report, battling towns in Italy are auctioning off deserted homes at deal costs in an offer to invert a pattern of termination. The pleasant town of Salemi in Sicily is offering haggard properties for not exactly the expense of a coffee.

Throughout the following month, a couple dozen disintegrating abodes will supposedly go available to be purchased with a beginning cost of €1 (Rs 86) or a little over a dollar.

Salemi’s Mayor, Domenico Venuti, is figured out how to have said that the plan will inhale new life into the town, which saw a psychologist in its populace. In any event 4,000 occupants fled following the awful tremor of 1968 that shook Sicily’s Belice Valley, said the report.

Sameli’s Mayor, Domenico Venuti, disclosed to CNN Travel, “All structures have a place with the city board, which rates up the deal and decreases formality. Prior to dispatching the plan we initially needed to recoup the old pieces of Salemi where the houses are found, overhauling frameworks and administrations from streets to electric networks and sewage pipes. Presently the town is prepared for the subsequent stage.”

In the previous scarcely any years, a few little Italian towns have been offering homes at costs that are difficult to accept to check the issue of termination.

Salemi, which is a memorable area on the island of Sicily, is encircled by grape plantations and olive forests. A portion of its homes are encased by antiquated town dividers that go back to the 1600s.

The town purportedly endured both physical and social consequential convulsions after the 1968 Belice Valley seismic tremor. In excess of 4,000 inhabitants fled and Salemi is presently an abandoned spot.

A year ago, the peak town of Sambuca in Southern Italy was likewise selling many houses for just $1.