March 8, 2022, isn’t any typical Tuesday—it’s International Women’s Day! While this global annual event is known for celebrating the achievements of women, it also strives to promote gender equality.

These are causes that likely resonate with your target audience if you operate a female fashion brand. So why not leverage International Women’s Day to raise awareness of your offerings?

Doing so can help you build closer ties with your customers, and also net you more revenue while you’re at it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a small retailer, either: the global nature of the Internet means that your efforts can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Sounds good? Then check out these three methods of promoting a women’s fashion brand on International Women’s Day, complete with examples of these tactics in action to get your inspiration going:

1. Launch exclusive International Women’s Day products

International Women’s Day comes around only once a year, and customers may want to purchase special merchandise to commemorate the occasion. You can feed into such demand by launching exclusive International Women’s Day products for this very purpose.

When designing your International Women’s Day-themed products, be sure to incorporate motifs or slogans that celebrate women. For instance, women’s luxury fashion brand NET-A-PORTER collaborated with female designers, such as Stella McCartney and Anissa Kermiche, to produce this special line of International Women’s Day 2021 merchandise:

With inspirational messages like “KIND WOMAN” and “UNITE WOMEN.” on these products, they send a firm message that women are powerful and to be respected—which will surely help you gain favor from your strong-minded customers!

2. Invite customers to nominate outstanding women for an award

Here’s another thing that International Women’s Day is known for: celebrating outstanding women.

These women don’t need to be extremely famous people like Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, or Malala Yousafzai either. Even lesser-known women who have achieved something remarkable, or improved society in smaller ways, deserve to be honored.

Accordingly, launch an award that celebrates such women. Just like how performance wear brand Dai encouraged customers to nominate themselves or someone else for its 2021 Trailblazer Awards:

The nominations for Dai’s Trailblazer Awards need not be for Nobel Prize-worthy achievements. Even milestones such as closing a fundraiser during a lockdown, and taking time off to care for a loved one, count. Afterward, award recipients will receive Dai gift cards and exclusive merchandise.

How does this help promote Dai? Well, when a nominated friend or colleague wins the award, Dai will have to reach out to these women to arrange for prize collection—letting it raise awareness of its brand at the same time!

3. Publish inspirational International Women’s Day posts on social media

Posting about International Women’s Day on your socials is also a good way to rally support for your brand. Because if your followers like what they see on your posts, they might share your posts with their own followers.

These followers might then check out your social media pages and follow you too—or even buy something from you right away if an item catches their eye!

In particular, we like the series of International Women’s Day posts that online fashion store LOVZme India has posted on Instagram:

These posts all follow the same design: an eye-catching image of a woman, followed by an inspiring quote or slogan.

To create similar posts for your brand, browse Women’s Day poster templates and pick the one you like most. After that, use a graphic design platform to customize the template with your preferred colors and text. Download and then publish the post online, and watch the likes stream in!

Celebrating women with aplomb

While awareness of International Women’s Day may have increased only in recent years, the momentum shows no signs of fading anytime soon. If you’re running a women’s fashion brand, this is a great opportunity for you to celebrate the achievements and milestones of your target audience, while also drumming up sales!

Think about how you can launch exclusive products to coincide with this annual event, and encourage customer participation by nominating the strong women in their life for an award. Finally, publish posts with inspirational messages on social media to build up more hype and awareness of your brand online.

With a properly executed strategy, you can look forward to generating significant customer goodwill that will stay with your brand, long after International Women’s Day is over. And to quote a popularly used phrase now: we love to see it.