Among the most well-known video game businesses on the planet is Nintendo. Such a thriving Japanese company produces high-quality devices, including the Nintendo Switch, among the ten most popular gaming systems ever. Nintendo also continues to hold a special place in gamers’ hearts because of the numerous charming yet engrossing games it produces. 

Nintendo created several entertaining video games, including Pokemon, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, and Splatoon. Nevertheless, because these activities have a severe risk of addiction, most individuals are searching for strategies to stop using Nintendo gaming consoles and games. Check out this post to find out how to delete your Nintendo account.

How To Delete Nintendo Account

Here are the easy ways how to delete a Nintendo account:

  • Log in to a Nintendo Account.
  • Select Settings by clicking on the account symbol in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Thus a new tab with the Settings page will appear. The next phase will focus on Other Settings, located beneath your symbol on the left of your screen.
  • For the “Delete account,” you must locate the option in the bottom-right corner of the following screen’s data. To continue with the erasure, select it.
  • It’ll present you with a website on which you can learn what might occur if you remove your Nintendo profile after pressing the Delete account option. The profile shall undergo a 30-day deactivation phase once you verify deletion, during which time you can go back and undo the deletion. You will permanently terminate your profile.
  • To finish the erasure of your Nintendo profile, select Confirm and Proceed. To verify the erasure, you will need to provide your password again.

Your profile may become inactive for 30 days after the termination process. Keep in mind that you currently have 30 days to revive your profile. To do so, attempt to log in to your profile and then enter the security code you’ll get through the email address you supplied when you first created the profile.

Possible Problems

You run the risk of permanently deleting specific account-related information when you deactivate it, such as:

  • Every Nintendo Network ID profile that is linked
  • All purchased in-game items and recorded game titles
  • Any programs or awards connected to the profile.

Before erasing it, it’s vital to consider the possible consequences. Based on the available data, the procedure could take up to 72 hours, and you could stop other account-related rights and services during this period. Following the erasure, your online account can still be accessible.

Can Your Games be Lost if You Change Nintendo accounts?

If you switch Nintendo accounts, you will recover your games. You will keep your video games on your Nintendo Switch gadget, and any Nintendo profile connected to your console will allow you to play them.

How Can You Get Your Deleted Nintendo Account Back?

Suppose you linked your Nintendo profile to a social media site like Google or Facebook. In that case, you may only recover your profile by following the steps on the Nintendo Account webpage. If you’ve erased your Nintendo profile, you may create a new one by going to the Nintendo Account homepage and pressing “Create a New Nintendo Account.”

What occurs if the Nintendo Network ID is deleted?

Each of your Nintendo eShop transactions, containing DLC, games, and in-game goodies, will be lost if you terminate your Nintendo Network ID. You will also lose every Miis or saved data connected to your profile.

What occurs if You remove your 3DS’s Nintendo Network ID?

If you remove the Nintendo Network ID from the device, you cannot use any internet services or material for the 3DS, notably Miiverse and multiplayer matchmaking. Additionally, all saved information in the system’s onboard storage will be lost.

Why did Nintendo suspend your profile?

Several factors could have led to the suspension of your Nintendo profile. You might have broken the conditions of service or been exposed as a cheater in any of Nintendo’s games. You may get further details from Nintendo’s customer service department if you have specific queries concerning the circumstances behind the suspension of your profile.

Can erase data be recovered on a switch?

On your Switch, you may restore erased data. Nevertheless, the information you may retrieve varies depending on the switch kind and how long ago you erased the lead.

How do You disconnect your Switch from your Nintendo Account?

You can unlink a Nintendo Account from your Switch in the options menu. Choose the profile you want to unlink under System Settings > Users > Linked Nintendo Accounts.

What occurs when a user is deleted from Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch?

Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch may permanently destroy and be unable to retrieve any information a player has removed.

Can your Nintendo account email be changed?

You may alter your Nintendo profile’s email address, yes. To do this, go to and log in using the password and username associated with your Nintendo profile. A confirmation letter is sent to the email address after you select “Update” after clicking “Edit” under the email address displayed beneath “Primary Email Address” after logging in. To verify the update, tap the link provided in the email.


It is easy to delete a Nintendo account; you may never recover your data if you delete your account immediately. You can delete your private information and gaming achievements from Nintendo’s online services by canceling your profile. It’s vital to keep in mind that any items purchased through the eShop will require you to re-create or establish a new profile. 

Remember that deleting your Nintendo profile may result in losing any associated data. The details of your prior appointment might not be retrievable if you reestablish it later. 

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We hope this article has made it easier to comprehend how to delete it and enabled you to decide whether this deletion method benefits you and your gameplay experience. Thank you for reading our ultimate guide.