With vaping becoming more popular, it is useful that beginners are guided on where to start. Most beginners have no clue on where to start. An electronic vapor cigarette starter kit could have similar features, but a huge difference in price with others in the market. Unknown to many new vapers, a more effective kit can be bought at a cheaper price compared to the more costly and less performing kits. Starter kits should have some instructions on how to use the contents, which is extremely useful.

Below are some tips on how to choose your electronic vapor cigarette starter kit.

E-Cigarette Size

When starting to vape, this could be the first thing you consider. When you have been used to the light, small cigarettes while smoking and go for the vaping options available, you can be intimidated if you only get a heavier and bigger e-cigarette, vaporizer, or vaping pen. The electronic vapor cigarette starter kit has two prevailing sizes on the market, the Tank and Microcig. It can be tedious working with settings and cartridges for those who prefer using a vaporizer tank. The microcig is probably a more practical choice for beginners as they will mainly consider convenience and portability.


Decide in advance how frequently you might want to vape. It will reflect directly on the electronic vapor cigarette starter kit or method you will choose. A standard battery will give you 200 to 250 puffs, while a high capacity battery can give you more than 400 puffs. If a vendor offers a higher figure, ignore it. If you are going to vape frequently, go for a high capacity. This is because you need electricity to vape, hence the need for a battery with a bigger capacity that can last long after charge. It is also recommended that you have at least one extra battery for back up. Luckily, you can get e-cig starter kits with good capacity from ePuffer, the leading manufacturers of the best electronic cigarettes in the UK.

Vapor Production

When choosing a kit, vapor production is critical. You will feel frustrated if the vapor is not enough. Numerous factors are involved when determining how much vapor is produced. The customization or type of technology, level of resistance of the atomizer head to the output of the battery, and e-liquid type you are using while vaping can affect vapor production. An electronic vapor cigarette starter kit should have a coil which should be replaced when the amount of vapor and flavor starts to reduce as it wears out.


It is crucial to consider how safe the starter kit is or in which ways is it not safe. If the tank is plastic, acidic flavors might react with the plastic, which is not safe. The best option is glass. The battery should have security features like auto shut-off when it develops a short circuit. The more the safety features of your electronic vapor cigarette starter kit, the better. The metal used should have been RoHs certified, which is a test undertaken to prove if it has any lead content.


When choosing an electronic vapor cigarette starter kit, you need to consider several factors such as the e-cig size, capacity of the kit, vapor production, and the safety of the device. It would also help to choose an appealing device that you will be proud of.