The aide shares the Encanto Character Ages highlighted in the vivified film. If it’s not too much trouble, go through the rundown here.

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s melodic dream parody, Encanto is at long last delivered two months back on 24th Nov 2021. The vivified film includes the very first princess of Disney wearing glasses.

With such countless characters in the film, realizing the age subtleties of all can get confounding. Thus, the fans in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are looking on the web for the age subtleties of the relative multitude of characters.

Kindly keep perusing to find out with regards to the Encanto Character Ages and skill old they are in the film. The aide shares the name of the characters and their ages.

What is Encanto?

Encanto is a vivified melodic dream parody film by the eminent maker Walt Disney. The film is now out as it was delivered on 24th Nov 2021 in the United States as the 60th enlivened film including in the Disney Animated Canon.

The movie is coordinated by Jared Bush and Byron Howard and composed by Charise Castro Smith and Bush. The film’s storyline includes a family residing in the Madrigals, a mountain city situated in a mysterious spot called Encanto.

It is the mysterious city that has favored each youngster in the family with extraordinary superpowers.

The Encanto Character Ages and List

The film recounts the account of a family summoned Madrigals who lives far in the Colombian mountain city in an enchanting house, and the mysterious spot has offered heavenly abilities to each individual from the family. Allow us now to know the name of the characters and their ages.

  • Abuela Alma – 75 Years Old
  • Julieta – 50 Years Old
  • Bruno – 50 Years
  • Peppa – 50 Years
  • Augustine – 50 Years
  • Isabella – 21 Years Old
  • Louisa – 19 Years Old
  • Mirabel – 15 Years Old
  • Dolors – 21 Years Old
  • Felix – 50 Years Old
  • Antonio – 5 Years Old
  • Camila – 15 Years Old

It is the person list and the Encanto Character Ages. Many individuals wonder who the most established grandkid in the family among Dolors and Isabella is. It is a commonsense inquiry since the two of them are of a similar age, with a month distinction.

Both Isabella and Dolors are 21 years of age, and both the characters have various abilities in the film.

How People Reacted to the Film?

Not long after the film was delivered, individuals began talking about the characters and their ages via online media pages. Many fans need to realize the Encanto Character Ages and the distinctions in ages between these film characters.

The Twitter page of the chief is overflowed with many remarks and strings, and you can peruse them on the web.


Encanto and its characters are making news among the fans around the world. It draws in individuals, everything being equal. The characters’ extraordinary powers make them unique in the film, and the film’s plot is about a family living in the mountains. Aside from the otherworldly powers, fans additionally need to realize the Encanto Character Ages. You can think that it is above.

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