A Singapore-hailed freight vessel, which burst into flames close to the Colombo sea shore a week ago, may sink, bringing extreme natural worries up in the island country. The load vessel was conveying a transfer of synthetic compounds and crude materials for beautifying agents from Hazira in Gujarat to Colombo Port.

New Delhi: The Indian Coast Guard has said that two of its seaward watch vessels Vaibhav and Vajra are battling the extreme fire on board compartment transport MV X-Press pearl, off Colombo. Furthermore, ICGS Samudra Prahari, a specific Pollution Response (PR) vessel has likewise been despatched to expand the endeavors and react to oil slick, when it might happen. In light of the aeronautical overview by Dornier airplane on Wednesday, no oil slick has been spotted.

The troubled vessel MV X-Press Pearl was conveying 1486 compartments with nitric corrosive and other unsafe International Maritime Dangerous Goods code synthetic compounds.

The limit fire, harm to compartments and winning harsh climate has brought about the vessel shifting to starboard (right side when looked towards the front of the vessel), which has prompted holders falling over the edge. Coordinated joint endeavors are in progress by two ICG Ships and four pulls of Sri Lankan specialists to splash the fire.

Also, ICG developments at Kochi, Chennai and Tuticorin are on reserve for guaranteed help towards Pollution Response. Ceaseless coordination is being kept up between ICG, Sri Lankan Coast Guard and other Sri Lankan experts for enlarging the general reaction tasks towards containing the fire locally available MV X-Press Pearl.