VishwasunTREE reports that junglewaasis can get inside the principle house by forfeiting the leftover Rs 25 lakh of the prize cash.

Bigg Boss declares the initiation of ‘token errand’ and says that housemates have a last round to play. Simba and Akasa got first and play out the assignment. Pratik and Jay go straightaway, be that as it may, the last doesn’t allow Pratik to play out the errand and holds him. Nishant, the Sanchalak, reports that he needs to allow Pratik a reasonable opportunity and will not stop the undertaking until he will perform himself in the assignment. At the point when Umar and Miesha object to this, Nishant requests that they prevent Jay from demolishing the undertaking.

Umar grabs Simba’s token

Simba and Umar get into a battle after the last grabs his symbolic papers. Akasa and Simba contend with him and blame for cheating. In hostility, Umar harms the property, and requests that Sanchalak boycott the undertaking and exclude every one of the got housemates. Simba upsets Umar and Afsana’s assignment and doesn’t allow them to make tokens. at the point when Afsana counters, he blames her for lying for the sake of her beau Saajz.

Nishant and Shamita have protest after the Sanchalak won’t stop Pratik’s time. Nishant discloses to Shamita that Jay is destroying everybody’s undertaking. Then again, Shamita lets him know that he is destroying the game for one individual. Tejasswi also tells Nishant that Pratik is getting the painful but much needed consequence as he has never followed the rules in the game.

Nishant announces Umar and Afsana victor

Sanchalak announces Afsana and Umar as champs and the two go into the principle house. The errand finishes and Bigg Boss declares that the show prize cash is presently just Rs 25 lakh. Karan Kundrra examines about Umar and Afsana’s procedure and hails them. Tejasswi exhorts Akasa that Nishant is putting forth a valiant effort for her. She says that Shamita doesn’t impart an incredible compatibility to Nishant.

Ieshaan and Shamita get into a contention over the errand. Then again, Afsana and Jay battle as individuals blame the previous for taking Simba and Akasa’s tokens. The gas supply of junglewaasis is finished and they are given over an acceptance cooker.

Nishant and Pratik talk about and the previous encourages him to change his procedure in the game. Vishal and Nishant examine Jay and both say that Jay is playing an inept game. Bigg Boss inquires as to whether they were content with Nishant’s administration in the game. The Mukhya Gharwale – Shamita, Teja, Vishal, Karan, Umar and Afsana concur and Nishant is permitted to go into the principle house and become their chief as well.

Simba and Jay examine about Umar. Simba says that he will make a point to turn into a deterrent in Umar’s excursion in Bigg Boss. Pratik lets Jay know that he didn’t esteem the game or the assignment. Nishant cries in the principle house kitchen.

VishwasunTREE addresses junglewaasis that they can get section inside the fundamental house by forfeiting Rs 25 lakh from the prize cash, or, more than likely they can take off from the house.

Tejasswi tells Jay Bhanushali that Vishal had been utilizing grimy words. She says she has been feeling awkward with it. Jay says that it very well may be on the grounds that Vishal has been desirous of her bond with Karan Kundrra. Afterward, she takes care of treats and espressos the entire house. Miesha says Akasa would not like to share her espresso.

Teja says that she regularly discovers unobtrusive ways of letting him know that she is awkward with his conduct yet he keeps on acting in an improper way.

Jay adds that he discovers his language exceptionally belittling towards ladies to which Tejasswi says, “in a filthy way for young ladies.” She adds, “vo chadh ke mujhe embrace karte hain. Fundamental itni baar unhe push karti hun, mazak me karti hun bura na lage… I know aisa kuch goal nahi hai yet that is not humor.”