Nowadays, smartphones are an integral part of the majority of our daily activities. The main reason for them seeping into every facet of life is that they help streamline processes that would require loads more effort without them. According to stats, the number of global mobile device owners currently stands at 7.1 billion, with projections claiming that this figure will increase at an annual rate of one hundred million in the next four years. In 2020, apps store spending hit $143 billion globally, an increase of over 20% compared to 2019. Thus, there is no doubt that dedicated mobile software is not only here to stay but will expand to take over previously unexplored avenues.

E-learning is one field that is no stranger in utilizing smartphone apps. It also has a fledgling global market that is on track to start pulling in annual revenues of $458 billion by 2026. If that does occur, it will represent a staggering increase from its 2020 figure of $250 million. These numbers make it clear that more people than ever are looking to their phones to teach them new things. While the most popular educational software targets those that want to pick up a new language or get into coding, hundreds of apps exist that instruct users how to do more hobby-like things. We look at five such quality picks below.

Candide Gardening

Despite popular belief, gardening is not a pastime that has seen better days. In the UK, around the third of the population gardens to some degree. Though, on average, the typical UK gardener is in his early fifties. In 2020, the global pandemic caused a spike in seed sales virtually everywhere, and gardening apps began to flood Google Play. Candide – For Plant Lovers is a piece of mobile software that undoubtedly was ahead of the curve, released in March 2018. It helps users quickly and exponentially grow their gardening knowledge. Its PlantID feature recognizes all vegetation, and this app boasts a warm community where users can get help from others, read fascinating facts and learn handy tips.

Blackjack Strategy Practice

Everyone online casino guide lists blackjack as the table gaming product everyone should consider playing. That is so because it features the best odds. The default house edge at tables that provide twenty-one fun is 2%. However, by implementing an optimal strategy, users can lower it to only 0.5%. A blackjack strategy entails users memorizing a chart that outlines which move they should make in what scenario. If that seems like an arduous task, Blackjack Strategy Practice by WTF is the perfect software to stick this data in your head. It offers instant feedback on every move played and detailed stats on every hand. People can play roulette online, baccarat, or craps, but none of these gambling options feature comparable odds to blackjack when players incorporate strategy at land-based venues or casino sites.

Learn Cryptic Crosswords

Cryptic crosswords are a UK favorite. These are essentially crossword puzzles where each word is a puzzle on its own. They come in two forms, basic and varied. Learn Cryptic Crosswords is an app by British developer Tazel Limited, whose claim to fame is that they are the team behind the Dice 3D and Crossword Lite apps. Learn Cryptic Crosswords contains six chapters that g through every element involved in solving cryptic clues. So, for those that want to get into this hobby, this software is an excellent tool. Though it should get mentioned that only the first chapter here is free, the following five require a small one-off purchase. 


Is mindfulness a skill? Since not everyone possesses it but is attainable, the answer must be yes. Per Google Play reviews, Calm is the best app to help you achieve this site, as it aids millions to lower their anxiety levels, relieve some stress, and get more restful sleep through guided meditations. Calm offers relaxing music, breathing programs, and more. All of these have gotten recommended by top therapists and are exclusive to this app. Calm users can track their progress through daily streaks and get an overview of their time spent meditating.

Daily Yoga

The International Yoga Federation believes that this discipline has more than three hundred practitioners from all corners of the globe. Daily Yoga is the number one rated Yoga app on Google Play and an Editor’s Choice. It advertises itself as a personal yoga coach in your pocket suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners, as it supplies tailor-made plans for all. The sessions offered can last from anywhere from five to seventy minutes and are available in seven languages. Best of all, Daily Yoga adapts to your schedule, featuring varying musical and sequence choices.