Glasses can make you look ten times cooler and more attractive if you choose the right pair for your face shape and skin tone. Apart from shielding your eyes from blue light and harmful UV, eyeglasses add to your looks and have become a modern fashion accessory. 

But, if you’re someone who wears glasses just to look fashionable and trendy, then you could use some latest trends to make a big style statement. Whether modern silhouettes or timeless classics, here are some trendy eyeglasses styles that you need to invest in right now. 

If possible, buy two or more pairs so you have a different frame style for different occasions and outfits. It will make the styling part more fun and interesting.

Trendy glasses for women

There’s no lack of styles in women’s glasses. So, whether you like to dress tomboy or a diva, you’ll find something for yourself in the list of trendy glasses for women below.

Clear glasses

Clear glasses are subtle, simple and elegant. They are perfect for easy styling as the colourless frames go with everything you wear. Black or other dark-coloured can be too much for you especially if the frame design is also unusual.

You won’t feel any difficulty with these clear glasses. They suit every face shape and look playful at the same time. They enhance your facial features and make you look more attractive. 

Clear glasses are simple and yet manage to catch attention somehow. These glasses are also available in slight tints on the frames if you’re looking for a pop of colour in your accessory. 

Aviator glasses

You’ve had your fair share of aviator sunglasses as they are the classiest and most stylish eyewear design ever. But, aviator glasses are just as stylish, bold and cool. These glasses have a teardrop shape that suits most face shapes but looks beyond perfect on square face shapes. 

Aviator glasses in silver and golden rims have become the norm these days if you want to look stylish and classy at the same time. But, if you’re looking for something ‘out there’ then aviator glasses in chunky acetate are a perfect choice. 

Cat-eye glasses

Styles may come and go but nothing delivers sultry and edgy quite like cat-eye glasses. Ladies, it’s time you take it back to the 60s and embrace this vintage style in full force. 

These glasses are just the perfect mix of bold and classy. If you’re a woman who needs glasses to up her style game, cat-eye glasses are the way to go. 

From Rihana to Gigi Hadid popular celebrities have been spotted sporting this classic style in the streets several times in the past. However, it’s time to make way for super slim cat-eye glasses with narrow lenses and dramatic top rims. 

Round glasses

Whether you want to be red carpet ready or just going about a normal day, round glasses are a perfect choice to complement your every look. Fashion comes a full circle and what was once outdated becomes trendy again. 

Round glasses are a perfect example of a classic fashion that has made it to the UK streets yet again. Their striking beauty captures everyone’s attention while the modest shape makes you look approachable. 

Rimless frames

If you feel like you can’t pull off those striking and prominent full-body glasses, then rimless glasses are here to your rescue. 

The simple yet classy eyewear design is comfortable, lightweight as well as extremely trendy. If you want to update your look, just fix a pair of coloured lenses into your rimless glasses and you’re all set to try out the trendiest eyewear style ever. 

With the clean-cut designs mixed with the strength of strong metals, rimless glasses are the first choice of many people wearing glasses for the first time.  

Square frames

Square frames give you that escape from boring and regular looks. The powerful shape of square glasses brings some structure to your round and curvy facial features while giving you a style boost. 

Square glasses walk the thin line between professional and nerdy. So, if you want a perfect mix of both, then you know which frame to go for. 

Oversized frames

Oversized glasses are going to explode in popularity as everyone’s looking to add a punch of style to their wardrobe. The large frame size gives a bold touch to your personality while giving you the trendiest look of the season.

Oversized glasses will continue to make a mark on eyewear trends in 2022. If you can handle the boldness of these glasses, then get ready to have all eyes on you. 

These are the 7 best and trendiest styles in women’s glasses. Whether you like something that’s offbeat and contemporary to the lovers of retro fashion, the list includes different styles for different people.