In 2020, Australia ranked 14th in the world for the ease of doing business, according to the World Bank. The sixth- and 13th largest economies in the world have strong economies with regulated financial and business markets. Many prospective entrepreneurs who wish to succeed in the corporate sector and establish their own identities have found their desires fanned by the simplicity of conducting business. 

As new doors of high-profit margin firms have opened and entered the market, the graph of entrepreneurs in the realm of technology and innovation has soared to an all-time high. Not to mention that the road to entrepreneurship is a winding one with many curves, so if you’re

one of those people who want to establish their little business before entering the corporate sector. The top 10 small business ideas in Australia for 2022 are mentioned in this blog. 

10 Best Small Business Ideas in Australia 

“Make something people want” includes “making a company that people want to work for.” -Sahil Lavingia 

1. Language Training Centre 

There are over 260 languages spoken in Australia, and most of them are well-spoken by the locals. On the contrary, a regular bloke in Australia can roughly speak four of them. So, this diversity is something that needs to be protected. 

In this regard, you can start a language training centre that will focus on teaching the native languages of Australia besides the foreign ones. Of course, having some teaching experience is vital for you to manage the operations better. But, you can get away with that by appointing certified teachers for your centre and letting them do the needful. 

2. Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Australia 

The internet revolution has increased the demand for online marketing, and starting a digital marketing business can be a great way to move ahead. Here, you can serve every need of your client starting from web development to content creation to running online ad campaigns. With the industry booming at the moment, the opportunities are endless here. 

3. Graphic Design 

Having a computer with top-notch graphic design software is the investment needed to launch a graphic design firm. The need for graphic design services is growing as there is a bulk requirement for appealing marketing campaigns and promotions. 

4. Affiliate Marketing 

A very well-liked method of making money online is affiliate marketing. However, one must have a thorough understanding of affiliate marketing to succeed in the industry. 

5. Babysitting and daycare services 

A fantastic way to get a little extra money is by babysitting. But, you can now make it a full-time business. With the increase of working parents, a babysitter is the need of the hour, and you can use this to your advantage. Moreover, if you provide daycare services along with it, then there is nothing like it.

6. Pet Care 

The value of the pet care industry in Australia may appear to be small and simple, but it is one of the most prosperous industries in the nation. In Australia, there are roughly 24 million pets, and of those, about 38% are dogs. Australia has the highest rate of pet ownership, with 20 dogs per 100 residents, more than any other nation. 

So, you can get an understanding of the scope you have in terms of scaling your business if you get your service right. 

7. Photography studio 

You would assume that the concept of a “professional photographer” is outdated at this time, given the number of megapixels and features offered by modern mobile phones. However, someone will probably be snapping pictures at any business event, wedding, graduation, or other events, and that too, not on a mobile device. Most likely, they are shooting with a professional camera. 

Hence, the demand for professional photographers has not depleted, contrary to popular belief. So, if you are an enthusiast or someone who has the technical know-how and relative experience, you can start your own studio. 

8. Catering Business 

People who enjoy cooking can consider starting a catering business. The business is profitable and ensures the owners a lucrative margin. Additionally, you have the option of starting your business part-time for the time being, and once it picks up, you can shift to it on a full-time basis. 

9. Open a small café or restaurant 

As you already know, Australians love their food, and you can use that to your advantage. If you want to enter the food business, but not as a caterer, then opening a small restaurant or café can be a great way to begin. You can opt for a particular theme or cuisine or serve multiple items across different cuisines. 

This restaurant or café can be a great way to shift to catering as well after a period. 10. Green construction business 

Talking about small business ideas, an eco-friendly construction business can be a good one. With the relative increase in the awareness of global warming and the preservation of nature, a traditional construction business may not be the ideal one. Moreover, there are established players that you have to compete against.

Hence, specialising in this segment can help you scale up easily and attract more customers who share similar beliefs and ideas. 


These are some of the most profitable small business ideas you can try. It is a personal decision to decide which small business idea to pursue. To begin with, make sure the business idea you choose is comfortable for you. When you do this, you will remain motivated to see it through, regardless of the odds. If you have an innovative small business idea you believe will be successful, go for it!